Disability ID Card: Protect your safety, protect your rights!

Attorney Ashley Jacobson recently authored the article, “Protecting People with Disabilities from Police Brutality” for The Mighty (a yahoo affiliate which focuses on health and disability news). In this article, one of the several strategies Ashley recommends for disabled individuals, is to keep a disability ID card with your driver’s license, state ID, or anywhere easily accessible. A disability ID card notifies police officers, first responders, and other individuals that you have a disability and are entitled to disability rights.

People with disabilities are among the most harmed by excessive force and police brutality. Black disabled individuals are at an even higher risk. This card notifies police that you have a disability, explains that you are not dangerous, provides methods (or accommodations) to facilitate communication and safely resolve conflict, and inform police of your disability rights.

The article dives into why it is so vital to have such an ID, “It is important that police are notified that the person has a disability, because if an officer knows and still violates disability rights, the person could have a more solid legal case should he or she choose to sue the officer.  While qualified immunity is a common barrier pertaining to police misconduct, disability rights laws do allow officers to be sued when disability rights are violated” (Protecting People with Disabilities from Police Brutality).

Jacobson Law and Advocacy wants to protect the entire disability community–not only our clients. As such, we are offering a FREE Disability ID Card customizable template. There are three (3) versions available for download, listed below!

FREE Disability ID Card Templates:

The first version is a pdf you can download, print, and write in your personal information with a pen, pencil, or other writing utensil:

The second version is a document you can fill in with a computer or communication device:

The third version is the most accessible for screen-reader users (the disability icon is removed from the ID card in this version because it couldn’t be in-line with the text per accessibility standards, and fit in your wallet).

If there is another format that would be more accessible, please do not hesitate to email contact@jacobsonlawandadvocacy.com! Contact JLA with all of your legal needs at (248) 878-6940. We offer legal representation for Michigan residents, but offer disability services through Adaptive Inclusion, LLC for all of the US!

Published by Ashley Jacobson, Esq., MA, CRC

Disabled and legally abled attorney, vocational rehabilitation counselor (CRC) and accommodations specialist

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