Are you looking for disability assessments, diversity and inclusion trainings, expert testimony, counseling or consulting? Adaptive Inclusion, LLC leads the way with nationwide disability services.

Ashley B. Jacobson is a renowned disability advocate, attorney, and disability consulting specialist with a master’s degree and nationwide certification in disability counseling and assessments.

Ms. Jacobson brings a profound knowledge of disability rights, proven methods for inclusion and diversity in the workplace, and accurate assessments to empower individuals with disabilities in schools, at work, and at home. The diverse services offered through her consulting firm, Adaptive Inclusion, LLC, provide protection and insight you cannot afford to go without in 2020 and beyond. After all, the future is accessible and inclusive.

What We Do

Assessments: Worker’s Compensation, accommodations for schools and the workplace, assistive technology, IEP review, 504 review, and employment readiness

Diversity and Inclusion Trainings : ADA compliance assessments, workplace inclusion and diversity seminars, assessing and protecting workplaces through the delivery of disability rights, protecting the community with seminars on disability and policing

Counseling: Individualized counseling for individuals with disabilities on a wide range of topics including students transitioning out of special education, college counseling for students with disabilities, and vocational rehabilitation counseling (career counseling and assessments for those with disabilities)

Expert testimony: on any legal case involving disability or a person with a disability

For more information, or to inquire about any services, please check out, email or call 248-878-6940 today!

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