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Tell Newport Aquarium: Stop Discriminating against Disabled Patrons (and Apologize!)

By Ashley Jacobson As a disability rights lawyer, I see disability discrimination every single day. As a disabled woman myself, I’ve also lived it. It’s difficult to describe how flagrant and earth-shattering these experiences are for members of the disability community–who all experience them in unique ways. “Ableism” is a term often used to define…

Disability ID Card: Protect your safety, protect your rights!

Attorney Ashley Jacobson recently authored the article, “Protecting People with Disabilities from Police Brutality” for The Mighty (a yahoo affiliate which focuses on health and disability news). In this article, one of the several strategies Ashley recommends for disabled individuals, is to keep a disability ID card with your driver’s license, state ID, or anywhere…

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Hi, I’m Ashley Jacobson. I’m an attorney who also has a master’s degree and national certification in counseling and assessing people with disabilities. Through Jacobson Law and Advocacy, I aim to provide countless resources and guidance to disabled individuals like myself, as they navigate life and the law with disability.

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