Ashley B. Jacobson has been an active disability advocate and activist for over a decade. From her time working as a special educator, to her experience counseling high schoolers and adults with disabilities for universities and nonprofit organizations, to the courtroom, Ashley has devoted her career to empowering those in the disability community, a community of which she is a proud member living with physical disability.

Ashley created the Legally Abled Mentorship Program (LAMP) after discovering that less than 1% of all lawyers have disabilities. Knowing the vast, untapped potential of the disability community, Ashley developed a mentorship curriculum to foster a more inclusive and diverse legal profession. Through this evidence-based counseling and transition program, disabled individuals interested in working in the law (as attorneys, legal secretaries, or paralegals) dive into their options and develop a concrete plan for pursuing their goals.

If interested in participating in this program, please email! Participants can range from high schoolers to new lawyers. Limited scholarship options are also available. Check for more information on this great opportunity!

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